Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fashion ka hai ye Jalwa


Nice pic, isn’t it? Let me introduce you to the people standing in punishment here. The left-most is Rajshree- Pulp and Paper. Then it is Brijesh from Polymer. After that Dingse again from Polymer and last is Vikrant of Pulp and Paper.

This is a pic. from Rave, our socio-cultural festival. The event is Furor-the fashion parade. This was our own team. It went great, so did the Rave.


But this post is not about Rave or fashion parade. This post is an ode to the girl in black top and white jeans, wearing a cap standing in between the two hunks.


Dingse Esther Ch. Momin. Its her name and even I do not know what Ch. stand for.[:p]

She is looking beautiful, almost angelic. Now comes the history- She is in same branch as mine and I have seen her almost everyday since last one year. When I first saw her I knew we would be great friends. She is very friendly and sweet to the core. A bit slow but might be because her Hindi is weak and she needs more processing time (Sorry, Esther [;)] ).


27 Feb.


I met her first time after her make-up. She looked phenomenal but human. She had her flaws, hidden but to me still visible. Still, I could not stop praising her. What did I know that it was the tip of the ice-berg.

27 Feb.


My team comes on stage. We are all cheering like hell, screaming in top of our voice. Then suddenly there is a pause. Silence. A few gasps… And the loudest cry from the mob. I didn’t know that such decibels were possible for the no. of people there. This was the entry of Dingse (or Esther as I preferably call her). Needless to say I was pretty shocked myself. She looked a stunner and everything a guy dreams for. I have met many girls, beautiful girls but for the first time will I be using this word to define how a girl looked. Esther was looking SEXY and no other word fits the bill. She has created many fans (& lovers) of hers in the campus, guys who were shocked to see her like this.

An incident to quote- ‘A guy asked to another standing next to him- “Who’s she?” The answer came- “Esther, you fool. You meet her every day”’. Someone also asked whether she was a pro.

Coming back to earlier point, I would apologise to Esther for putting this pic. It does no justice to what we saw but still I had no other choice. Also to other friends of mine in the team: ‘You were all good but my pen is for this girl only’. I can not believe that make-up and stage light can change someone this much. The only explanation is that she had that potential- latent but existing. Only we could never see it because maybe we see her every day. Maybe we are too close to her and also we all are hyperopic.


Love you girl…


Rajeev said...

Indeed she was stunning...
a tribute as ur post seems to me..but a confession as i wud see it
i hope din-g would approve of it...

esther said...

Kp thanks 4 d wonderful comments...
but i'd say again everyone was lookin extremely great...
i think u r jus being biased cos m a poly girl... aint it .... ha ha.. :P
Thanks again...

KP said...

well, esther approves. so post is gonna stay.

not biased baby. ask anyone and even my words will seem short.