Monday, March 23, 2009

A life full of joy is not perfect. Why? Because its not complete. Not exhaustive. Without sorrow, hate, jealousy and failure, love, beauty, joy or success have no meaning whatsoever. This is what life comprises of. If we apply the same concept about completeness to everything else, is it valid?

Say, for example, if the universe is complete it should have both the birth and death of stars. Heavenly bodies should be going away from each other and also towards each other. If science is complete then it should account for both the certain & the uncertain.

If philosophy is complete then it should constitute in it both the sane and insane.

Isn’t it?

Taking this foolishness (Hey! Humans also have both intelligence and stupidity) further. If God is perfect, complete and everything we say about it (I prefer calling God it) then it should constitute both the dark and the bright. If God is alone he will have to be both good and bad, yin-yang or whatever terminology you want to use.

But (I know.. my posts always have a but).


But a bad God!! Isn’t it better to have a Satan. But they do not neutralise each other. Balanced is not maintained you see. So there ought to be a greater evil than a measly Satan.

Just a thought [:)].


Rajeev said...

finally read ur post online after quite a while...
yes thr definitely has to b a bigger satan...and i sincerely hope he reads this....he'd for sure feel proud to find a well wisher...
just a thought [;)]

KP said...

Might be he is listening. What must be astonishing him is that no one before this humble Genius, discovered this fact, what were the others doing!!

Dhruv said...

well if i was asked...
"They" were busy concealing the fact. but you have everything in open now!

good work....
But um... isn't weaker God debatable to Stronger Satan ?
I mean just look at the bright side naa...(well i am confused which one looks bright...anyways...) :D