Thursday, March 26, 2009

An end… A new Beginning!!

Cognizance ended a few days back.

Cognizance is the technical festival of IIT-Roorkee, my college. Students from various colleges present their ideas, experts on various fields are called for their lectures and various fun but mind exhaustive games or tiny events are their for entertaining and enlightening the youth, that is us, of India.

The event was promoted as the second largest tech-fest of India. Now, I don’t know which is the largest one… wait a sec.. maybe its Techfest of IIT-Bombay. So, we are the second largest, that’s not bad at all. Anyways, its over now and we are back to the silence.

This post is not about how good or bad the event went. Its not about what I felt during the event. This post is about ‘what now?’ Where did this event, a technical festival lead us? To me knowledge is something which gives you an inspiration to acquire it more. Its like alcohol, you should get addicted. So, in a sense Cognizance should be a gate to a new world of information and its last day should have given the feeling of a quest taking shape, not a task done. Maybe I am too poetic to understand the things of the world. Maybe this is how events end. Maybe I was not involved enough. Maybe some one did feel like this.

I hope that either what I feel is wrong and people did get inspired to embark upon a journey to find knowledge hidden beneath girth of ignorance. Or maybe I have put my money on the wrong horse in which case there is no one to blame but my own foolishness. I behaved like a kid who watching a kite feels that this kite will take him where ever he wants..

Cognizance has ended but for me it was just another day, with another question intriguing my conscience.

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