Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tale To Tell

"There are no ghosts in this world. There are no ghosts in this world. Absolutely no ghosts," repeating this thought a million times I closed the door of my tube-lit room. Now another daunting task awaited me. The switches for lights were on opposite side from the bed. My room isn't a big room but it goes absolute dark when the light goes off. At night the only source of light is a window from where I can see a distance. At first floor, the view is not exactly what i will call beautiful. Trees surround the area and a few of them decided to cover my window. In night it actually can scare one. So I shut 'em off before going to sleep.

Sleeping in my room is not as easy as it is in other rooms. Constructed by a creative horror fan, the room can be used as a good location for ghosts to reside (which I again repeat do not exist). I went to sleep with a peaceful mind and a bit raised heartbeat (usual).

At 'bout 2:30 in the night I felt someone looking at me. I was really tired and sleepy and with lazy eyes tried to look around casually searching my glasses. As soon as I put on my glasses, there was only one picture in my mind photographed by my eyes. A woman with long black hair falling over her shoulders looking at me with unfocused eyes; an irregular look, with a smile on her face. A cunning smile which can now be erased from my memory by death only. The window I had shut was open and on first floor a woman was standing (or floating) behind it. I could do nothing but cry out loud for help.

And so I woke up startled and shocked. Sweat all over my body, I frantically started searching for my glasses. As soon as I found them the first place my eyes went were the closed window. The only thing was , it was not closed anymore. I looked at the clock- it was 2:35 A.M. I wanted to scream and call out my parents. Somehow voice failed me. Lying there in bed I tried my fullest to run away from this woeful room, but...

How long I lied there before sleep overtook me again I do not know. Only thing is, I woke up next with sun sending its good morning through that window. Two years have now passed since that incident and I will still say- "Ghosts do not exist. (I hope)." 

This is how the story was narrated to me. I decided to use first-person as I feel this is a better way of connecting. 

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