Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The train poems-I

These poems were written in a train while going to Delhi. Every poem was written with a strange background. This is the first one. It was the one that came from the heart. And it made Sneha (a junior of mine) to freak out. For some reason she always freak out in my presence, dunno why!! Funny. Anyways, this is the poem.

Looking behind once more

For those soulful eyes

Looking again, searching

For piece of my heart

You have had the liberty

The right to take a decision

I have been at the mercy

Of your heartless discretion


Times do change, tides move

Emotions of mine have drained

I want my heart back

I want tears in those eyes

A monster you have created

This monster will strike back

You can hide, you can run

In fact,

You should hide, you should run

This shall show my potent

My hatred it will exhibit

My craziness it shall testify

Save yourself from the demon

The demon you bred.

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