Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just do it!

Everywhere I see, I observe opportunities wasted. I see chances lost and I see stupidity winning over plain logic via the moral mechanism. So that every one is on the same platform I am talking about sex. We live in a society which believes that an imaginary dude is controlling us but have the shit kick out of us on the mention of sex. It is something no one has done in our society. Of course not, ask anyone. Sex! Heck, some of the people had not heard of the term before I mention them. And those poor chaps who have heard give we a look of such utter wilderness that I shit myself thinking I have said 'Voldemort' aloud. I, in fact, look around half expecting a death-eater using an unforgivable curse on me. Some though are sly-dogs. Looking at me at with cunning eyes and mischievous smile as if I just broke the news that I am 'Edward' or 'the werewolf'- sorry I forgot the dude's name (and do not care enough to find it). The look is so omniscience I almost shout- WHAT!

I even do not know what to interpret from that smile. Am I being a prick, a sadist, a nymph or is it some inside joke between the whole world against me. Anyways, what ever be the reason, I am glad that our Gods are quite capable else ours might have become an extinct breed. We do not screw, Hell! We would not touch a girl if our life depended on it. This single course of event forces me to believe in higher forces.

Whoops! Going completely out of topic, I was talking about lost opportunity. People of the society, please follow 'nike'. This I am saying despite being an 'adidas' fan. God made us so that we have sex and companies made condoms to ensure that we don't spill the beans. Even Barack Obama's blessings our with us. The strongest man on the earth urges us- "Yes, we can". Trust him guys. He knows what he is saying. Bill Clinton even demonstrated this. What more do you want. An invitation to the effing 'White House'.

Before people run after me saying- "Dude what about you?" All I wanna say is a quote I once thought of- "Girls have sex when they are in Love, guys- when in Luck." All I am saying is that I am not 'Mat'- quote "The Wheel of Time". That is why I am talking about opportunities. Like, girlfriends for example. So many people have them around these days that soon not having one will be the fashion- ;) I am already ahead in the curve. Following fashion before it's arrival.

Whatever be the case, they seem in perfect situation except the 'moral mechanism'. I am not going to argue if it is right or wrong. I don't care that much about the rule or the society. But that seems to be quite hindrance. Still, I have always believed that in a war between society and nature, nature will kick society's ass every damn time. Except in this one case. Humans are a deadly lot controlling their most basic desires and passions.

Kudos. Though as an inside, there is not that much of a need guys. You have a girlfriend, you have got a place. Just do it. Why do you waste the opportunity. I know you have the inclination. I am not acting like some creep perv here. All I am talking about basic logic here. 1+1=2. That's all. In fact, I have been writing an article about sex and have no erection. That's how serious I am. In fact as engineers we should adhere to this logic even more. After all, two euphemisms for sex are engineering terminology- Screw and Nail. Respect them at least. Do something. Just do it!

I feel like an old cripple who can not play the game anymore and so is invigorating the more fortunate ones. I am gonna shut up now.

PS- People can lie, can't they? Oh yeah! They must be lying. Why did not I think about that before. Sorry for the article guys. People lie. But wait a minute... why?

PPS- Can't remember the damn wolf's name.
PPS2- JACOB!! Yeah baby.

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