Thursday, May 9, 2013

How many stories a week will not kill me?

I am a writer who does not write much making me unemployed in my mind. I have a hobby where I analyze large amount of data in big excel sheets but what good is a hobby if you are not doing your job. My job is writing. I am coming to terms with this hard core fact. Writing is not my hobby. Writing is far too close to heart and far more rewarding to me than I care to accept. The problem is that I am so busy consuming everything the internet has to offer that I cannot offer anything back in return.

This April was my fourth failed NaNoWriMo. I am ashamed, more than anything else. I have more than one novel in pipeline. The problem is that the pipeline is highly clogged. Also, a revelation has dawned upon me. I am apparently a very slow writer. I usually write at a measly pace of 30 words per minute. While this may seem OK to a regular eye, as a writer people are all above 50 wpm and some are even over 100 wpm. This means that they can write thrice as much as me in the same time.

In fact, they can finish off a story in an hour and move on to something else. The same story will need 3 from me. This causes me leave the writing at all or write very short stories. But now its high time and I must write as much as I can. Maybe this will automatically increase my speed. So, the question is- With my hobbies and everything, and of course my giant ambition to write a novel how many stories can I still write in a week. All these stories will go online obviously to Wattpad most probably. Also, I have to start writing my blog again. This time, it will consist of regular mumblings and sometimes links to my stories (if they materialize) and probably poetry. Its time! :D

I think I should try for 3 stories a week (I know am being very conservative here but what the hell..  I have yet to write 1 a month).

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