Friday, August 30, 2013


Any of you who have read fantasy novels must know this word thoroughly. Our Hero has to fight the main antagonist while the whole world is at stake. This is the basic theme of any fantasy novel. A regular companion in this journey of the hero is his growing up and learning things that he thought were his imagination.

There is one more important theme if anyone has noticed. It is of being underprepared. The hero never has time to finish his training. You have to be half-baked to fight the war. I always wonder why are the odds stacked against the hero? Why is it that hero can never complete his training and be ready for the villain. I guess the logical answer to this is that if there is no possibility of them losing then it would not make an exciting ending.

My experience has added one more reason for this. In life, we are rarely prepared 100% for anything. Even if we have 365 days to prepare for something that needs 300 days to prepare, after 365 days no one would say that I am completely ready for it.

I don’t know why but I guess its only winning when there might be losing.

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