Thursday, January 16, 2014

The last passage

I have never reached that point. I start writing with fervor and passion. Characters form in my mind with a situation that they are facing and suddenly, possibilities emerge. I however am not able to complete the story. I am at my best at the one point and soon, I have lost the sight of where to go and have to wrap everything up. This means that I have to write an ending from whatever point I am in the story.

This calls for hasty climax and even faster ending. Probably a large second last passage encompassing everything and then the last passage with nothing in my mind.

I want to write the perfect last passage so as to not rob the story of its magical ending. It never happens. The last passage while often the best of the lot, is a tiring endeavor to save the grace that is lost by the time I reach there. The last passage is the Jesus which is trying to save everything happened before it.

And like his’, it is an attempt in vain.

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