Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Death of a love story

There was a time when she could not have thought of not loving him. There was a time when he was her everything. That time has passed. Now, it was not just that his death would not hurt her, it might even give her a guilty pleasure. She did not want this to happen. This was not in her nature. But boy, did she hate him with all her fervour.

He thought he did not love her. Maybe he was right. Yet, he thinks often if he made the right call. Whether he made a hurried decision in the wake of his overconfidence and carelessness. Nevertheless, the decision was made and was now irreversible. He had to live with this. He was living with this.

Love was not lost between the two. It just turned so bad that it turned to hate. It was present in all its glory and if the two ever collide, it will have the impact as same as the first time they met. Everything would just be a negative of the bright colours of the reality.