Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Politics..

Any one who has been reading my blog knows my limits. I have written on love, death, sex and a bit crap. And yes about me. My fascination for poetry is also not unknown. I like to read poetry and writing them is also my hobby. A topic which never found place in this blog of mine is politics and the simplest reason for this is that my interest in politics is minimal. I am not much intrigued by politics and do not even know who won from my constituency (and I am not talking about person but party.. )

Recently though I read a blog on the same and I was left flabbergasted. It was in praise for BJP. And I have been against BJP. Don’t look at me like that. I might not have interest in politics but that doesn’t mean I can not have a favorite party. I like Congress and the reason well, is nothing beside that they are not caste particular or religion particular. The same is the reason for my dislike for BJP. Anyways, so I read this blog and realized that some one is lobbying for a party I dislike. So, it automatically turned on my defense mechanism and I wanted to abuse and praise Congress in the comments. But I stopped. Why?

Because it is not the right thing. It will be just venting out my anger and that too in a manner where no one will bother to listen. So I have decided to give politics a place or rather a permanent spot in my blog. If someone is lobbying for BJP then someone ought to be lobbying for sanity and peace and equality as well. ;)

Hence, from now on you might see a few posts on politics.



PS- This is the first time the tag politics came to my blog. Cheers..

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