Monday, June 1, 2009

Touch me again..

Here I am.

Before you, as before.

Love me again as you have loved me.

Please oh! please touch me again.


We are no more,

The moon and the stars.

The sun and the fire.

No more does my heart says ‘I love you’.

But once again I need you.

But once again I want you.

Please oh! please touch me again.


This is lust you may say.

May be my fruitless attempt,

To have you back.

No, its not I tell you.

I need you not with me.

We are through and gone.

You were my boyfriend once someday.

But the day is gone, the moment over.

You are my past and no more I say.

Nothing should give anything away.

Touch me again though,


Then forget my stay.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So there is a girl you really want to be with.
Or do you want to say I am mistaken....