Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lost in time and Space

Quantum Physics: Modern worlds most amazing creation. It is rarely that something has so much of an impact on the logical mind. We practically have to change the way we look around ourselves to merely grasp any part of it, let alone believe it.

Relativistic: Then there is the theory of relativity given by none other than the great Albert Einstein himself. His potent at even thinking what he thought admires me. It is almost magical. If there is a God then I can bet my heaven on the fact that God nudges him with hints. Alone it is a feat of shear impossibility. Then again, you don’t become great by doing what has been or can be done. Impossibility is the prerequisite of greatness.

I often wonder how the world is created. What possibly could have triggered this? I know there is an argument of existence of God but I am not interested in who created it. I would like to bypass this question for time being. The question is- Why?

If God created it then why? If it happened by itself then why? God must have had a reason, any reason to make a universe. Was he getting bored or was he lonely? Maybe we are his playthings, dolls if you may. I dunno but I would sure like to know why am I here.

Then again this might all be a chance. But if it was triggered, then there must be a trigger to all of it. I want to know the initiator, every reaction has one. This is my question that is bothering me today. Not whether there is a God or not, but why are we created anyway?

Please do tell me if you have an answer.

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Anonymous said...

you were created because God didn't have family before..We are his children..He created us as his his children

God created us because he wanted to have someone to love and be loved..He loves you..and no matter whether you love him back or not..he will keep loving you