Monday, July 11, 2011

Hunt for the perfect blog client

Once upon a time I was an avid blogger. Then came a drought. Now I am back to my old writing days..

The only problem is- I shifted from Windows to Linux. And do I miss live writer or what. Now I am on a hunt for the perfect desktop replacement for THE live writer.

Have tested two till now. Actually three but one is not even starting. Now I know why it had a 1-star rating in software center. ;)

KDE one was awesome till it started screwing with me. And now it won't even connect with the blog.

Drivel was another one that almost succeeded. The only problem- somehow it doesn't know the function of 'enter'. Or at least it can not explain it to blogger. All my articles look like what only a few should look like- garbage.

Blogtk never took off and now I am using Blog Entry Poster for this post. Let's hope this is the end of my search.


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