Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why Programming?

The first question to ask is why you want to do something. Thus, this is obviously the first question I must answer here as well. The answer to this is- I love computers.

Programming is not just a way to control them, but to understand them as well. Besides, with the coming of Android and iOS, the prominence of the computers in everyday life has increased manifolds. There are two things the computers are great at- Doing boring repetitive work and Remembering stuff. So, anyone stuck doing anything remotely related to that will find learning programming of immense use.

I must add here that I am not exactly noob in programming. In fact, I seem to be learning it since beginning. BASIC was the first language that I learnt (along with Logo). After that I learnt C++. However, I have not used any programming language since past 6 years, making me practically a starter in it. The number of changes that might have happened in the world of programming are remarkable and I stand nowhere in the pyramid of programming.

And while I would suggest everyone to atleast learn as much programming to automate the tasks that they find repetitive and boring, my plans are to learn at least two languages and end up at least in application development and game programming. This is a mammoth task and might take me a long time which is good as I can write a lot in this blog. ;)

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