Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ahoy! Poetry

Pou footi, kirno se kaanch baje hain.

ghar jaane ka waqt hua, paanch baje hain..


Saari shab ghariyal ne chowkidari ki hai…

[Morning came, rays hit the glass.

time to go home, five on the watch..


Whole night clock-tower was the gaurd… ]

This is not a sher (couplet) but a Triveni. It is a style of poetry devised by Gulzar in which the first two lines are a couplet and the last line changes the whole meaning of the couplet. An altogether different perspective, I may say.

This triveni is written by Gulzar himself and why I like this is because I do not understand it. I know its literal meaning but what does it represents that I am unable to decipher. May be I am reading between the lines too much but then with Gulzar you can’t help but be cautious.

Besides, I like the phrase “kirno se kaanch baje hain” too much. This is what poetry is. And then he wins Oscar for Jai Ho!

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