Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blissed and Blessed.

Every moment that went past.

Asked me the same question again and again.


Why did not I..?

But I had no answer then.

I have no answer now.

Excuses.. yes, I have, plenty.

I have my reasons.

My decisions seem rational to all.

I seem rational to all.

Truth lies in me.

Plain, blatant and scorching.

Burning me like my personal hell.

Every smile that follows me.

Is on a humble bed.

Bed of grief unbound.

Floating over like an island,

Floating on lava all around.

Face the truth, all my self says.

But how do I face the truth?

How do I face the justice?

Questions like these in my mind,

Form a gigantic array.

Help me O! God, if thee exist.

Give me the moment which I want.

Give me the moment which I need.

I need to face the truth, I need to face her.

Blissed and blessed be the moment.

In which all my happiness lives.


For you, if you understand. I do not love you, I know but that can’t stop me from writing about you, for you. [;P]

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