Friday, April 3, 2009

A twist in the story.

There is always a twist in the story. This is what makes the story interesting. This twist grips the reader to rest of the plot. This twist can come at the ending like an awesome climax. May be it is in the centre changing the whole course of the story. Or we may see a starting which shocks us enough to hold till the end. Whatever be the case there always is a twist.

The funny part is that life too has twists. Every moment that happens brings a new incident which can be only comprehended and reacted to in that second. This spontaneity gives the life the wrong decisions, the wrong judgments and obviously multiple twists.

Then there are also forces of nature acting; for or against we never know. Every variable independent of each other and millions of variables; how can one predict future. But still we all do so, try to comprehend the future, see dreams, have visions and unfortunately see them twisting into nightmares.

But if there is a God I will just say that he surely enjoys all the twists. With his popcorn beside him he savors on the expressions of shock and dismay we give when facing a twist.

I am trying to learn to enjoy these twists because I know that I can not avoid them. So I guess its better to join them, feel them and savor them like God and move ahead to find a new twist. Life is ever changing, seeing dreams involuntary; so its better to accept the death of the dream and see a new one than mourn over its death.No use regretting the last turn we take. Rather look for the new turn. Looking back never helps driving. A minor glimpse at the rear view mirror is fine but to look in the same mirror sitting in a car with no reverse gear is foolishness.

You know something though; the beauty of philosophy is that it is as tough to apply as easy it is to say.


Rajeev said...

abhi to mujhe twists k naam se do cheezen yaad ati hain...ek to u knw..[;)]
second a what if question...
What if the "thing" titled on aarvi's blog is actually twisted??

Andy said... tht case rajeev...

i'm sorry 4 da...ummm... *thing* :P