Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sleepy KP- II

[Earlier I had told my about my night-out and its drastic effects. Now, I was sitting giving an exam without knowing anything about the subject.]

The paper was given to me with a confident smile by Sulls; after all he had taken the revision class. The only thing was I did not study at all. My only savior could be the definitions taught to me by Brijesh and structure which I had asked him to draw on my table just before the exam.

Then started the battle between me and the paper, in which I had my pen and confidence and the paper had… well, questions.

Sitting at an awkward angle to hide the drawing under the paper itself, I started writing the paper and gave my imagination all the freedom that should not be given in a science exam. The exam thankfully got over and I well, instead of packing just roamed around with friends. Then a bit of good weather, a bit of more roaming and a minute of basketball (after that I tripped, made a fool of myself and hurt my leg.. it was fun).

After that I went to room, packed my bag and got ready to leave. The only thing was I had only 20 min. left. So I went with Aamir and reached the station with less than 2 min. left. And a few droplets of water made their presence felt on my face.

”Damn! It is gonna start raining now.”

But I had bigger worries. The announcement for train had not yet started so I thought of taking some money from ATM. I did not had any beside what I borrowed from friends. However, the ATM had -in one of my friends language- started acting gay (no offence to the gay community [;)] peace). So no money, honey.

So I ran back to the platform. Only hitch, the train had for the first.. nay second time in history decided to give me another platform, the tougher one. C’mon Kunal.. do some exercise, cross the bridge. Go to platform 6. So, I did this and then found my bogey at the same time as a fat and filled water drop found my cheek. And I started running towards the bogey (the train was still moving). I was in the train a little wet but overall in perfect condition.


In the train I was almost instantly asked my seat by a guy who wanted to be with his group. Ahhh.. the pain of being a young and healthy boy in the world. You are not supposed to have the lower seat at any cost. So I went to an upper some other place. Alas! there was no solace there too. A gentleman was there too waiting to ask me the same question.. again. My answer also was the same. Yes!! Why? dunno. We waited for the TT. Meanwhile this gentleman who wanted the seat for his child offered me a drink. I was lets say first shocked, then amazed. Time to shave had come, I realized.

Nevertheless, I gave my seat to him and got a new seat: above my original seat. The fate of life.

Then I went to the bliss of sleep. In the morning I was woken up by a man telling me that the station has arrived. I woke up and with swollen eyes looked around, no one in the whole train. He was the cleaning guy. Déjà vu.

“Good Lord! At least it was not the yard where I woke up. Hmm.. they clean the train.”

How did I sleep this way amazes me. I am a light sleeper in the train but this time I just slept away.

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Rajeev said...

tera hamesha indian railways kaatti baar tune apni taraf se bhi koshish ki... :) nice read..