Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few spaces..

Something is different now.

What has happened?

Did the life changed a bit. NO!

Did I woke up early today?

No, nothing such sort.

But the flowers have a smell you know.

And birds do fly now.

The sun has a beauty in it, the moon too glitters somehow.

Slept a few days back I soundly.

Yet sleep is not coming even vaguely.

A few miles trekking was tiring back then.


A day later, a timeline later.

It is but a step to me.

Journey is my destiny now,

With my destination in my eyes.

What are a few miles, a few light-years?

In the event called Love.

A few spaces need to be travelled.

A few spaces need to be filled.


For you DC. My friend, may this event be a happy milestone for you in the journey called life!


Rajeev said...

Yup I hope u too get ur free spaces filled up...
and for DC....happy filling to u too...

Dhruv said...

cute :)

KP said...

I hope the same. :)

Thanks buddy.. It is for you after all..