Tuesday, April 21, 2009

O Death! Please come again.

It’s a mistake I think.

Err.. Don’t get me wrong sir.

Am not accusing or doubting you.

Sure though there is some error.

I am human still, I feel.

O Death! Please come again.

Yes, I saw the sights.

The tunnel too was pretty bright.

Alas! Though now everything seems normal.

It seems like a hospital bed.

A bright tube dazzling my eyes.

Doctors and nurses glad.

Proud of their foolish achievement.

What do they know.

Its your callousness not their capability.

That brought this upon me.

Oh! Sir, I mean no disrespect.

Its just am frustrated.

Was so ready for this yes, I was.

Perfect the moment was.

For my sudden demise.

O Death! Please come again.

Now don’t give me that look.

You know as well as I.

‘What I am saying?’

You know my heart through and through.

I am bored, bored of being alive.

And then you give me dreams.

Dreams of the end.

No happiness, no sorrow.

No past or tomorrow.

The end was gentle to the core.

I had no need to be gentle anymore.

No pretence of being subtle.

No force of being loud.

No ego to push me down.

It was a dream come true.

I could love what I want.

I could love whom I want.

Hate would not have to be buried.

And now you say to me WHAT!!

It was a mistake!

Bloody hell it was.

Pardon me sir, for my language.

Now I want this mistake back.

I want my life back.

O Death! Please come again.

Mistake or with possible consideration.

Take me with you, again.

O Death! Please come again.

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