Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another… Poetry


Khuda se maangi thi khwahish, fakat ek baar tujhko dekhne ki.

Poori to ki Khuda ne khwahish, magar lafz-b-lafz..

[I asked God to give just a glimpse of you.

God fulfilled my request but word-by-word..]


Found this one in my diary. Was browsing through the old memory lane when this piece of beauty just showed itself and forced itself upon me to write here. This one might specially touch a guy if ever he has waited for a girl for eternity to just see a glimpse of her. I have.

This is written by… me. And this is one of my favorites, not because of its writing style or something as it does not possess the orthodox style of a couplet. It has all the emotions that a person could feel while watching that one someone special and cursing God for giving you just a minute with her; and yourself for asking that only.

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