Monday, April 6, 2009


Today I am gonna talk about very serious stuff. I have no serious thought in my mind so am going to take sometime.


Well, the question which I am going to put today might be found offensive by some masses so it is requested that those masses do not read this stuff. It is better you do not read this rather abuse me.

So, hmmm!! What is loosing virginity? I mean you have a passionate night, an act of love takes place and you have lost something that can now never come back.

Sad.. Very sad. It should not be like this. But Alas! That is the bitter truth of life. You have to loose something to gain something. And for eternal bodily pleasure you ought to loose something… forever. This is your fees in the transaction.. of life!

But this is not what I am going to cry about. As I had said earlier I am happy that I am at least below the country’s average; I have already crossed the world average, sadly. I wanna talk about a different thing.

Is loosing virginity a physical process or a chemical one?

I mean that we had studied in chemistry in school that process which can’t be reversed are chemical process. I mean that any process that is irreversible was considered a chemical process. The physical process by definition are reversible. Like evaporation, moving of a ball from one place to other. But souring of grapes, curdling of milk etc. are chemical processes. So, is loosing virginity like evaporation or like souring of grapes. As far as it seems from the definition of my childhood days, it seems a chemical process.

Ironically though, this act of love is totally physical. Its like a physical process giving the result of a chemical one. Its all confusing..

Also, now even chemical processes are easily reproducible as chemistry has modernized itself. 

Waaaaiiiiitttt a bit..


Its not a chemical or physical process. Its a nuclear process. It all fits. It is not easily reproducible; in fact sometimes not at all reproducible.. (Mind you methods have been devised to restore virginity of girls though no such provisions are there for boys. So technically, I am right).

And this process is also explosive, requires excitation but produces a lot of energy in various forms (like heat, sound, physical movements and all though I would prefer not to go into details).

Once started both are very difficult to stop and often have disastrous results if is uncontrolled and without precautions. Both have various safety issues and safety covers (like suits, gloves etc..).


I am impressed by my talent.


Good work TRYST..

PS- This again is the work of Tryst, so an apology to all offended by this.- Kunal

PPS- !#$@! Stop doing that Kunal. I am warning you. No one messes with Tryst.


Sophie Broflovski said...

Loved the Post. Genuinely!

Arvind said...

yaar...can u plz tell me what are the methods for gals to regain their virginity???

KP said...

Thanks for liking it..

Next time milenge to bataunga.. ;)