Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pain- Feel it..

Of all the pains- physical, mental and metaphysical the worse is the pain of loss. Loss of an object or a person is immaterial. Loss gives us a sense of weakness which hurts our pride. This extra pain is what elevates this pain to a new height.

Now, what is to be understood here is that the value of the object or person is immaterial or unrelated to the amount of pain. In fact the value of the object or human might increase in our eyes if we see it getting away from us. This feeling sometimes is so strong that it can renew a dying relationship. Create love where none existed and a new attachment or sight is endowed upon us. Sounds beautiful na… But it rarely happens.

Most of the time the disease is diagnosed too late to be cured and all an individual can do is try to suppress or sustain this pain. But when has been controlling pain an easy task. We when overcome with pain shout, howl, screech and try to suppress the pain by drowning it in these sounds.

Then we use reactions like hate, agony, jealousy which we might have not shown earlier because of our composed attire. This is an interesting development and can almost always be used as a diagnose for a person’s nature. Sudden change in person’s behavior, even for a flick of second (in fact for a flick of second)  and we have a person having lost something or someone, or is having the fear of the same.

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