Saturday, June 13, 2009


You all must have noticed that I have not updated this blog for quite sometime. The lag between two posts is also increasing considerably. To be honest I am not writing anything. My mind is silent for some time and is giving me nothing to propagate further.

Hence, I have decided to stop updating this blog with trivials and instead I am leaving this blog unattended for about 10 days or so. Hopefully, my zeal for writing will come back in this time and a few new ideas may come (or maybe I’ll learn a few tricks from other blogs. [;)] ).

So, till then..




$LiM said...

heyy lemme try to help...


hem hem..

The heavy breathing was the only thing heard... for a whole five minutes after the spine chilling scream.

They ran to the stairs of the shack and found the doors were smashed, when they leapt up to the upper floor they noticed there was blood on the floors...

Now, with sweat pouring down their necks, both of them were scared and were afraid to admit it.

They walked back downstairs acting nonchalant, but in the privacy of their minds hoping that someone calls the cops, being arrested for breaking and entering was better than bearing with the fear.

Sitting on the wet floor by the kitchen, they recall the events that led to them being here in the first place..

earlier that morning

meeting up with the gang...

It was time, they were to be a part of the gang today... they had completed all their tasks but one, spending a night in old man monk's home.

"It would be a piece of cake", the others assured them, "we just have o keep to tradition... besides what can happen in an old abandoned hovel?"

Well it was obviously a trap, just as all their tasks had been, the three only wondered what was going to happen there...

Shaun's skull was throbbing, it had been so long but still the crack on the head with the belaying pin on the old whaler pained him. He thought he might have a concussion. Weakly he called, "John..."
There was no reply...

HE WAS ALONE ... ... ...

any way .. baaki to i'm sure u can finis hoff on ur own... hope i help'd :D

PS. need to read stuff i havnt written...
plz go back to writing... this silence thing really bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

At least sumbdy bothered to write after 10 days.. though the story is inspired..!!

$LiM said...

arrey KP sir, u have ppl fllowin ur blogs !!!!!
and here u r, giving an example of crass laziness, and conditioning yourself to believe u have writer's block !!!!!

The above story is not related to tru facts in anyway, its just a means for me to pass time in my godforsaken computer classes whih i got myself enrolled in over the summer, now almost at the end of the torture, i feel that i have to do some reading, cauz i was tired of writing, and here u r, with this brilliant post which says u wont post anymore.....!!!!!!!

NOW ... where were we ...

Just as Shaun fell deep into the pits of despair, a ray of moonlight hit his face, " Atleast now i'll have some light to see by..." he thought, passing fitfully into blessed sleep.

Haunted by figures of demonic beings and satanic rites, Shaun awoke once more, he stood up quickly and noticed the floor was swarming with ants, apparently it was their bites which roused him.he looked around in the semi darkness and once more set out, unwillingly, to find John and the girl who came in with them. "Hmmm.. i really should have asked her name... before going into the spooky weird house".
The gag it seemed had been very simple, to join the gang they had to spend a night in the shack, and obviously the other members of the gang would be around to scare them out of there.
The knowledge that there were supposed to be other people around had reassured Shaun, he knew better now. The Shack was abandoned for years, and now after all this time even the members of the gang were reluctant to go in, even if it was to scare the new recruits.

In that time, god only knows how long, the shack was home to thieves, and mafia men trying to hide out from the public eye. Supposedly even these staunch and bloodthirsty men did not leave the shack with all who came in. Invariably one or more members of the groups that went in was claimed by the shack, giving rise to the legend of the bloodyMONK. It was said that old man monk had loved the shack so much that he buried himself in it, ALIVE! Now he came out to wreak his vengeance on all those who tresspassed on his property.

No sane man would now enter the shack, "Anyway," they said," it's so run down it will collapse on the first man through the front door. It must be razed." but still no man had the guts to try.

"Yup, no man had guts to try, but a couple of dumb kids sure did, and now look where it's gone and landed us, neing chased by the ghost of the shack"

"JOHN... , JOHN... Is any one there"
The sound of the call cuts through the quiet of the house. "Why didn't I try this sooner?", thought Shaun, his question was soon answered...

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