Monday, March 29, 2010

Love once, love again.

It is not easy I know.

It ain’t tough though as well.

It is just a bit different, that’s all.

When you have lost all.

Your dream is achieved maybe.

Or your passion destroyed.

It feels lonely, dark and desperate.

It is an empty feeling and hopelessness.

Tis’ time anyway.

To leave it all behind, far behind.

You have loved, you have lost.

You have loved and you won.

But history is what holds this story now.

Let it lie there alone and marinate.

After life it will be your accomplice,

In the matters of heaven and hell.

A fresh start is all you need.

Memories are what you want.

Leave your wants behind, put ‘em away.

Fulfill the needs, life takes care anyway.

You have loved once,

You will love again.

Reboot your life, it shall float again.

It is time, you know it too.

It is time.

Love once, love again.

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