Friday, March 5, 2010

Not again!!

A moment of truth came
Life is so fickle, it dawned
Nostalgia overtook, panic rose
Phoenixing its way in my heart
Why? Oh! Why it happens?
Over and over again.
”Death, please have mercy.
”Oh death! just this once.”
Cries like these echoed in my ear
Deafening roars of silence then ensued.
Tears also fulfilled their duty
Brimming the eyes, flowing a river.
’Twas but for a moment
Then, it was a vaccum.
Loneliness, sadness and grief
Each is a word compared to what this feels
As life in death’s clutches just squeals.
All that can be done has been done
Every attempt, try went in vain
All that is left in the end,
A hollow chest, an empty mind
My life ahead and you behind.

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