Friday, May 15, 2009

Be Yourself??

I have always heard this line whenever I read some article on self-improvement. And boy! Am I a fan of this line. Yes, we should always be ourselves and not try to imitate others. Yes! YES!

But today I suddenly look back and ask myself a question. Who am I? Haven’t I changed over the past years. If I have then why have I changed or how was I myself, if ‘I’ changes anyway? And if I try to become again the person I originally was, am I not imitating someone; the earlier me?

So, what does ‘be yourself’ mean? Does it mean that be what you are at that point of time unless you change? If it is so then I will make peace with it and love the statement again. Though one doubt lingers in my mind. What if you have a certain flaw you want to change? Would it be alright to show that flaw? I mean you already want to change this thing in you but a transformation takes time and until then should you hide this or show it? I believe hide it and try to be a bit less yourself.

I think this statement was given because it is easiest for people to carry themselves as obviously no acting is involved. Thus it exudes the most confidence by the person if he is himself. It is sort of a short cut to an appearance of confidence. Confidence which few have inherently, many acquire systematically and most search for their entire life.

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