Sunday, May 3, 2009


Of all the confusions that a person can have, the worst are the confusions of love. Because it involves emotions, hormones or maybe because the beating of heart overshadows the thumping of the brain. Whatever be the reason, all reasons are lost in the silence occurring between two souls separated by a sea of emotions which also is the cause of their attachment. When do you know its love? When do you know its love, enough, to last? Should this feeling be ignited or left dormant like a baby. Maybe like a baby, all this feeling would do after waking is cry and create a mess. Maybe its better off asleep, innocent, naive and beautiful.

Then comes the pang of pain, a lust, not for the body but for the relationship. You want to be happy with that person, only. It is a blinding flash temporarily killing your vision. You can not even see that the person you love is happy, already. Its not fair, I know. Its not fair, you know. And of all the times you have faced unfairness, this time, you want life to be fair, for you. All the happiness in you is drained. Obsession might be the right word. But you are called a ‘FANATIC’.


Every emotion I feel.

Every thought crossing my mind.

I filter,

To take out, you, of them.

Holding on to you.

Leaving all else aside. You my Love,

You my hate.

You my hurt, You my pain.

Happiness? Who needs it now.

A fragile thing at most,

It will lead me nowhere.

You are my anger, You my revenge.

Smile now never comes,

Only a mournful sneer,

Or a senile laugh.

You are my passion,

To justify all wrong, that I do.

To be evil to all,

And to you.

For you I shall kill, rob and hurt.

For you I shall cry, shout and die.

You, Yes You are my sole reason.

My survival, my end and in between,

I leave it on you.

Can you be mine, Oh! Please.

Mercy will be upon you.

With every waning moon that I see,

and every day as moon-light recede.

The devil in me is getting stronger.

Vile and loathsome though he may be,

It is but a tiny kid to thee.

Look into your heart, leaving your mind.

Look into my heart, trust me.

Else blame will be upon you,

You let a poor thing go rot.

You smiled when I cried,

Happy were you in my misery.

You are the reason for what I am.

You shall be the reason for future,

Dark, black, ugly.

Whatever it might be.


Dedicated to all the Fanatics.

If love is not an obsession then its not enough Love.

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