Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wannabe serious.. Forced to be funny..

Hi everyone..

I want to be serious today. But it is not done. A part of me wants to be funny. And obviously who among you want to hear something serious. Life is too serious as it is without me forcing my own misery down your throat.

So am forced to write something funny. Hmm.. So what should I write? Maybe a weird thought like the ones I usually have. Or maybe try my hand at funny poetry.

So funny poetry first..

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Who is the hunk, tell all.

Yes my master I shall speak.

Though let me tell you your chances are bleak.

It must be the guy from the bar.

For whom your wife left you at the altar.

Smash.. Crash..

Sorry for that people. I will get someone to pick up the shards.


Ahem.. So where were we. Something funny like… umm.. a quote maybe.
Working in a big organization is like wearing a condom during sex. It gives a feeling of faith, recognition and security while getting fucked.

Sorry sorry.. Its true. Oh! but truth can be funny too. Don’t bother.


Still not having a smile on your face. Let me see, lemme see.

Tell me what is the definition of a Boss in modern management? This question is especially for my beloved friends who were with me learning business management.

Ah.. the answer is..

Boss is a person who thinks that nine women together can produce a child in one month. 
Ha Ha Ha..

Now I have told you a funny poem and a quote and a funny question too. What should be next? A story. No, it will be too long. An incident; naa, too boring. So what should it be..


A picture is worth a thousand words.courage




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