Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Dialogue

Wait! Where are you going?

Huh! Dunno.

Tell me all and no lying.

Even my name sir, I do not know.


Kiddin’ me you brat.

No tis’ truth I tell thee.

Up to no good you are at.

Why do you say so, I plea?


ASKING ME! Instead of answering.

But who are you, I know not.

One moe q. & you will hear me swearing.

Sorry! Did I hear correct or not?


Correct you heard foolish boy.

I know nothing about anything.

Maybe he is true, Oh! Boy.

Yes, true is I say, everything.


Tell me then, all about you.

Nothing I know, except walking here.

This way you future will give no new.

You though as bright light have come hither.


Give me something to start with.

Someone called me a God yesterday.

“Hmm! And I thought it was a myth.”

And again this was repeated today.


You are God then I conceive.

Maybe, though, what it means?

I’ll tell you but will you believe?

Yes sir, I will, by all means.


You created the whole universe.

“What is the guy saying?”

The books are filled with your praise verse.

“This is too far-fetched bellowing.”


You trust me not I feel.

How do you think that?

I can see in you no zeal.

Pardon me, but listen to your chat.


Look inside you, answer you’ll find.

Oh! It alright, I feel fine.

Please do this before the world grinds.

OK! Let me try and do not pine.


“I have found the mighty.”

“What is this I feel in me?”

“The world now, happier place will be.”

“What is this divine, engulfing me?”


How do you feel now?

Son! I remember; remember all.

I have found God, holy cow!

Ha! Ha! Swearing in front of me, of all.


Sorry, please forgive this fault.

Apology is for mine to ask.

Swearing from now will halt.

And I shall finish my unfinished task.

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