Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleepy KP- I

When you do a night out to study then weird things are bound to happen next day. That is a bigger certainty if you are not used to this. This is the wisdom I gained from my last encounter with the exams which courtesy IITR are not very frequent. Thank you IIT-Roorkee.

My math's exam about which I am not going to talk anyway, is the grand reason and cause of this post. I came to know the course of math’s exam at 2300 hrs (11 o’clock night) for a paper that was at 9:30 in morn. The course was… let us say.. of considerable amount and the idea of night-out was in the open like a prostitute saying- “Look at me.. Look at me.” And I grabbed it like a horny man (Sorry for my crude language but no other description seem to fit).

Then after two cups of tea (caffeine has a remarkable effect on me) and a whole night with Andy and Aamir, with guest appearances by others I was ready to give exam in the morning. After an hour this exam was over and then came the fatigue of a night-out. I think if I had slept the night before that for more hours then it might have helped.

Anyways, this fatigue was supposed to be fought that day as at night I would be in the train sleeping blissfully. Just had to pass one more exam. Sulls took the revision class which seemed an attempt to thwart my attempts of being awake. But my poetry and prose helped me sail through that. In fact the post ‘Pain’ and ‘Ghazal’ after that were my allies in that battle against Sulls and sleep.

But who can save you from food..

Then came the deadly lunch..

After that I went to Rajeev to tell him that I will study the subject from him. Requesting/Ordering him that, I came to my room and started writing the post ‘Pain’.

That was 2:00 pm.


Next thing I know…

Brijesh came to my room and woke me up. It was 5:00 pm. The paper starts in 0 min. OMG!!! What about the study? Where is Rajeev? These were my first thought. Next- Hell with it.. Let me go and get over with it.

But still I did not knew anything about the subject. I was even not listening during the revision class. I asked a few definitions from Brijesh and went to exam with my pen and .. my confidence, which at that time seemed pretty useless. In fact now that I think about it, what the hell was the confidence doing there? It should have been hiding somewhere. Guess did not care about the exam, did I?

With this pen and confidence I sat there on the chair while cursing Rajeev and Vikas- two people I trusted who betrayed me- and waiting for the paper.


[Next time I’ll tell you how went the paper and the déjà vu of this.]

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Rajeev said...

hmmm...well we never knew that u went to sleep...khair...i hope u move on.... :)
ya knw that forgiving is tuff....but is it that hard if its unintentional....but hey gud incident...
Aamir se kuch gun transfer ho gaye... [:D]
bas pahli raat aamir ki tarah ghisna chalu kar de..ain mauke pe aisi dikkat dobara nahi hogi [:P]