Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let us relax… again.

Before you feel that I am going to give a lecture on anything let me tell you something, what I am telling you is plain truth. Tomorrow, as  of on 23-04-09 is our viva of geophysics and physics. But I am absolutely in no mood to study. This on any other day would not be a big deal as Rajeev would force me to study or Sameer or Nihal would study so forcing a bit guilt in me. OK, they can not do that but still atmosphere is created.

Today is though a miraculous day. No one is in any mood to study. To hell with viva-voce, lets party. This is a new moment to relish and ponder over. I have already crossed that magical line where 10-15 marks do not matter. Ya, am not a fool yet who can ignore the exam but I sure can ignore a grade loss in a 2 credit subject.

Why this happened is too complicated to explain. It is not a superficial change but a change of self and I am not going to bore you with that. If one thing I learnt from reading ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ is that if you are not insanely successful never tell others philosophy of your life-transformation. They will get bored. Period.

So let me tell you a couplet of Kaifi Azmi to end this post.

Ek tum ki tum ko fiqr-e-nasheb-o-faraz hai.

Ek hum ki chal pade to beherhaal chal pade..

[One are you with tensions of ups and downs.

One am I to carry on anyway if started..]

fiqr- tension..nasheb-o-faraz- ups & downs

PS- I hope that my friends who want to study do study, but also I would like to pray that they do not feel unhappy about doing that. Life is too short to do anything we do not like. Especially when there are so many things to do which we like.

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Sophie Broflovski said...

*Bows vigorously* What an Approach!

P.S. Faraz means downs? You sure about that?