Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nothing to say… Today…

I have nothing to say today. The mind is a messed up place you know. One minute you are all set to start studying for a mid-term exam tomorrow. Next minute you are out in the open walking alone around the ground with your mind trying to solve an infinite loop.

Tomorrow is Geo-science mid-term I which should have happened a month ago but got ahem… postponed a bit. Anyways, after that we have mid-term II starting on Sunday.. Yes, a holiday but that is something either I am used to now or don not care about. So, will try to study again.

Besides that my perpetual problem is still that.. perpetual. It is in fact an infinite loop clogging my mind and controlling my decisions. Why can not life has a bit Boolean algebra in it. A bit of true and false. yes or no, 0 n 1. What we have is err.., maybe, dunno, can’t explain, pass and many more. Sigh..

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