Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lovely set of digits, aren’t they? Divisible by 3 and so are the individual digits. But you are not thinking about that. You have something else in mind. Considered evil in one religion, sinister in other, satanic in the third this thought was given, the most respect, by Freud.

Every religion is against this cute little 69. People swearing by them are considered sadistic, immature and on a path to devil or worse, hell. Why I consider devil and hell different is another topic.. ;)

OK, not every religion. Hinduism has the great KAMASUTRA, I know. I am a Hindu too, by birth anyways. But the truth is that RSS, BJP, VHP and rest of the camp are trying their best to destroy that particular part of our culture to ahem.. save our culture.

Oh my gosh!! I am again straying from the topic. Can’t help it, it seems. Nevertheless, I was just thinking about the digits and everything else around it and… Hey, don’t see me with that weird look on your face.. everyone thinks about the digits. We didn’t reach over 6 billion just like that. So, I was thinking about the digits and their absence (sigh!!) in my life despite being good in mathematics. [I got a hundred in 12th boards ;) ]

Again, grazing away somewhere else. Maybe greener pastures..

I was thinking about it when as usual my mind strayed and I reached.. somehow on the average age when we all become complete mathematicians by solving the 69 mystery. Its one of the highest for Indians (22.9 yrs.- phew.. still below it) though world average is about 19 yrs (damn.. missed it.). Hmm.. we are considered great in computers and mathematics. May be this is the reason, we study longer, harder to reach that level. To give the ultimate test. [;)]

New info— The average number of partners helping a man in solving this 69 equation in India is 3 whereas its 11 in USA. No wonder we take so much time. Thankfully we don’t try to solve it alone, else we would be trying all life and fail. [;)]. Women don’t fret, you don’t have to solve this equation with just help of a single guy. In fact, in USA women take help from 6.6 guy (hmm… how do they find the .6, err.. RJV, I understood [;)] [:))]). In India they take help from 1.8 guys. (No, Vince I understand this time.. Don’t point at your chest)

Anyways, this 1.8 shows that women in India are good at maths. They need 1.8 guys to solve the ultimate 69 problem. The same problem us guys take 3 gal helpers (& lot of solitary practices mind you) and yet we finish at the same age. In fact, I would dare to claim that women finish the equation earlier than men.

Gals, back me up.. You win this time and I am all with you.


PS- This is not written by me but by TRYST-my alter ego. He thinks he is so smart. I am sorry if it hurts someone.. (TRYST- I am also sorry if this doesn’t hurt someone. HA.. HA..)

PPS- If any girl is frustrated by this and wanna hurt me, rest assured my three lovely classmates will do the job cleanly.

PPPS- God knows what I wanted to write so.. enjoy this.

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