Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What do you think???

Tumhe bhi yaad nahi, aur main bhi bhool gaya.

Vo lamha kitna haseen tha, magar fizool gaya..

                                                     -Javed Akhtar

[You do not remember, neither do I.

It was a beautiful moment, but wasted it lie.]

So many of us fret over relations. Breaking of relations, forming of new bonds, cupid conspiring, love transpiring. It sounds beautiful, isn’t it? Well, its because of my writing skills and not in reality. The truth is not blissful and as most couples ought to know by now that relations are over-hyped. Only a few relations are there which can actually bear the test of time. The rest perish like foot-prints on sand, wiped out by sea-waves.


Parents’ relation with their children is the closest to idealism that I can speak about but you all know about that. Your first love- reminds you of the wind blowing, rain drops melting over your body, smell of moist soil acting as pheromones. Doesn’t?? That’s what I am talking about.


How many years have we lived but how many years we remember? Months? Weeks? Days??? Moments?????

Finally, can be counted. This is what life is made of. Monotonocity. But you know what, I accept that. Its a part of life; besides, we don’t have enough hard-disk to save all that happens to us every day. So agreed, you can not remember everything in your life.


But what about that little sweet-heart of yours. Remember the day we were on the beach and you told that funny joke.What was it?? When we had that ravishing night and you said the sweetest thing imaginable. Hmm.. It definitely had the word ‘Love’ somewhere, wasn’t it??


Now the connection. Do you think that there is any correlation between the no. of moments you remember & the amount of love you have for a person. But the relation of a mother & child defies that theory to a lot of extent. Most of the moments are when we can not retain our memory. But I am not a good person to judge that. Am too much a mamma’s boy. Also do you think that if we forget the moment it is a waste?? I am not sure about it. Sometimes I feel it to be true (when I am analytical). At other times, when I am romantic (and not necessarily a girl, just the mood) I feel that it is the moment that matters not whether later it is wiped off the memory.


So, what do you think??