Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is a crush???

I am being weird here because I have a crush on a girl and now I am writing this. Man, what will she think of this. Maybe that I am confused or psycho. Though I know what will she say if I asked her this. “Theek hai, hota hai. Tera matter hai. Main kya bolun” Barring a few words more or less this is the phrase. Diplomatic!! I know. [:)].

Anyways, this post is about crushes so let me put my doubts in front of you. Crush is considered an intense attraction which subsides over time. It has no rhyme or reason etc. etc.

This is what I hear crush is. Now I have here a few words which do not mean the same thing but somehow this definition applies on all of them. The words are LOVE, LUST, LIKING and CRUSH. So what is the difference between them?

Ya.. Ya.. Love is divine. Should not be compared with these petty, small, trifuleses (my own word) like liking and crush or dirty words like lust. But I will. Jo ukharna hai ukhar lo.. [:)))] [Do whatever you can..]

So what is the difference actually. We will have to define them more minutely to separate each with the other. If you like a person you have to know the person, his or her qualities.OK so liking needs time. Agreed, but doesn’t love needs time as well. To grow and nurture itself. But then what about the Love at first sight. I know some people do not believe in it but then some people do. It is not a matter of debate.. Today.

Bottom line, Love and liking intersect.

Now lust.. A word looked down upon. I have sympathy with lust. It is the most truer and purer form of emotion than others. Crude, can be understood most easily, yet.. hated. Society has refined us to the extent that truth now seems crude to us. Alas! some openness I wish could illustrate the importance of lust in a relationship. Try to live with a guy or gal you are not attracted in ‘that way’. You will be just confused that what is wrong when apparently everything seems alright. It is because we refuse to see the truth, the lust. We like the person but don’t lust him or her.

Sorry.. Got a bit emotional I guess. Ahem.. Lust is from the beginning. It starts instantly and sometimes do not last long. If it starts later after 5 min then it has more probability of lasting. The longer it lasts the exciting the relationship remains. It is the wild horse and fun to ride on. So it has the traits of crush and love in it though no traits of liking. It though most of the time is a short-lived phenomenon. In fact Love at first sight in often seen as lust only but lust is more of a physical attraction.

Now comes the star of the day- Crush. I am going to define Love.I have come to believe that it is a manifestation of all these traits together in various proportion. It is not an emotion or feeling but an outcome of the merger of the various other feelings. So back to Crush. What is crush then? Isn’t it Love itself. It has all the traits of love. It can begin at any time, can last pretty long. Mine do. Their strength is also astounding. I mean people often are not able to talk to people on whom they have crush. You want good things to happen to the person on whom you have crush on. What else is LOVE!! Crushes are love only. Ya, I know what you wanna ask.. “Oh! But what about the crushes on stars and all.” That is my dear friends BS. It is physical attraction, lust which again is slighted by this hypocrite society and given a better name.

Though let us differentiate Love and Crush my way. Or lemme redefine them in a new style. A completed crush is Love. By completed I do not mean that it has happy ending. By completed I mean reciprocated. In other words if you are a guy having crush on a girl, you tell her your emotions to the girl and the feeling is reciprocated then its Love else hold it forever as the crush. It includes stars also so I guess the definition is quite acceptable by all standards. If the love is not reciprocated then it is a crush whatever you feel about it. How about this. Now everything is objectively defined and separate. [:)]

It is completely debatable and that is why the post has a question mark. It is solely my opinion and I love it.

P.S.- Vanity is my favourite sin..

I love this line from ‘The Devil’s Advocate’.

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