Tuesday, March 17, 2009


auron jaise ho kar bhi ba-izzat hain basti mein.

kuchh hai logon ka seedhapan,kuchh hai apni ayyari bhi..

[Being like others, yet am respected.

Bit due to people’s innocence, bit my cleverness..]

Written by NOT ME. I actually don’t know but am trying to find out who he or she is. But it is a great piece.. I have decided to post such couplets which I insanely like under a new tag. A single tag.


Anyways, this couplet somehow describes me so well that I can not help but love it. In a world where the greatest fear is that we do not camouflage it is not very difficult to be different. One just needs confidence and cunningness to be different. The rest can be trusted on the innocence of the people.

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