Thursday, March 12, 2009

The victory speech

Ye all folks

Who live like rodents.

Petty little things called human.

Believe me or not

Matters to me not

You are condemned

Condemned to me.

By very God you praise

You love

& some of you


I shall be your master

I am your destiny

Live your life as you want.

All roads lead to me.

God is tired I know.

I, his successor

Will give you a new heaven.

‘Hell’ is the new heaven.


Andy said...

nice one...

i'm imagining evrything blck n white...dust storms and lightening strikes... naked n bruised slaves wailing and buckling down...a big shadowy creaute on da edge of a clif at the top...shadow transforms into peter stormare sporting a burnin halo n a deep(deeper thn his) booming voice, voicing this proclaimation amidst a million screams of dismay...
aaah...majestic :P

KP said...

Cool man.
Even I did not pictured it that well.
But now I can see it...