Sunday, March 22, 2009

For You, My Love.

Last night

When half of moon visited the sky

I saw a strange vision.

What was it?

What it meant?

God’s word or,

Satan’s voice.

Angelic origin or,

My eyes’ fault.

But the half was smiling

Looking at me

Peeping rather,

From the nearby house.

It wanted something I know.

It needed something I felt.

I ran for help

Forgetting the human limits.

Pain, happiness, joy, cry

All faded in that milky shine.

But Alas!

All my effort went in vain.

The help I wanted to give

The care I wanted to provide

They were of no use.


I failed.

Far, far away,

The half went.

To meet its beloved.

To be full, to complete.

Its pain I knew before

Reason I feel now.

“I’ll be back”

Said it to me.

“Complete with other half, beside me”.

I’ll wait, I’ll wait

For the promise to complete.

Bless thee Oh! Incompleteness.

You give us all a meaning.

I’ll find you one day, I promise.

My other half, trust me

I’ll find you one day, I promise.

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