Friday, March 20, 2009


Festivals are fun. Whether they are social huge festivals like Holi or a meek and humble campus festival. Rave- our cultural festival has passed and Cognizance- our technical fest is tomorrow.. no technically today.

My friends say I beat about the bush a lot. This paragraph must have proved this. I am trying to remove this habit (Oh! What the hell.. I am not trying to remove the habit as I feel it is good. [:P] )

Anyways, now the content..

We had the promotional events today for two events- Junkyard Wars and Aakriti. It was a quiz show sort of stuff and Mohit and I were the anchors. I didn’t count how many guys (& gals) were there but I should say they were enough. It was two men’s voice (with speakers) against too many incoherent screams. Soon it was two guys shouting (still on mike.. with speakers) against too many umm.. children screaming.

Long story short Mohit and me are currently having sore throats and our voices are err.. tainted a bit.

Man, I love speaking.. and festivals..

For now…

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